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Under Oregon law, felonies are defined as crimes that carry sentences that can exceed one year of incarceration time.  However, they often have more serious consequences, including mandatory prison sentences, substantial fines, long parole or probation terms, and loss of gun rights.  Felonies include traffic crimes, drug and property crimes, and violent crimes including domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Felony charges—much less convictions—can impact your job, your housing, and your peace of mind.  And on top of the potential sentences, a criminal record with a felony has a drastic impact on your opportunities.  You deserve quality, compassionate representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can confidently protect you and your record. 

Dedicated legal counsel fighting to achieve successful results

If you or a loved one is charged with a felony, do not wait to secure the representation of a qualified and aggressive criminal defense attorney.  At Haskett Williams Monaghan Attorneys at Law our criminal defense team has years of experience serving clients facing an array of serious felony charges, and delivering successful results.

We are first and foremost aggressive and effective trial attorneys, which in turn allows us to achieve the best possible outcomes through negotiations, commonly referred to as “plea bargaining.”  Our attorneys are experienced negotiators who understand that the most favorable result to a case involving serious felonies is a plea bargain that minimizes potential consequences and reduces charges.

Your Fight is Our Fight

We understand that being accused of a felony can be overwhelming, which is why our firm is dedicated to a client-centric approach.  We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions to ensure you are comfortable with how your case is handled.  You can trust that we will stand by your side, fighting tirelessly and skillfully to protect your rights, reputation, and future. 

"I would recommend Kelly to anyone I know hands down the best representation you can get. He will do everything that is possible to get the best outcome possible. Great experience."
-Former Client

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