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Bend, OR Sex Crimes Lawyers

Only the most experienced attorneys with a specialized knowledge of sex crimes prosecutions and investigations can offer you the comprehensive defense you need.  Do not roll the dice by entrusting an unproven attorney who lacks critical experience in sex crimes.  The consequences of a sex crimes conviction are too serious, often including prison or jail time and sex offender registration requirements that could last a lifetime.  

Sex crimes not only carry some of the most serious penalties under Oregon law, but mere accusations can cause devastating consequences to your reputation and future.  If you or a loved one have been arrested for a sex crime, or believe you may be under investigation, you must act fast to contact the right criminal defense attorney to advise you, communicate on your behalf, and protect your rights.

Bend's Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

Kelly Monaghan is a proven trial attorney with years of experience successfully prosecuting sex crimes, and defending clients accused of sex crimes.  His team takes a collaborative approach to mounting a zealous and aggressive defense to sex crimes allegations.  We utilize skilled investigators, expert witnesses, and litigate strategic motions to challenge and limit state evidence prior to a trial. 

A thorough and effective defense can lead to a reduction, or even outright dismissal of charges, favorable negotiations, and the best possible odds of a successful result in the event of a trial.  

Contact us immediately if you have been charged with, or believe you are being investigated about a sex crime, including:

  • Sexual harassment

  • Sexual abuse

  • Rape

  • Date rape

  • Sodomy

  • Child molestation

  • Statutory rape

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography

  • Prostitution

  • Soliciting or promoting prostitution

We are committed to fighting for justice and protecting your rights in the face of sex crimes accusations. Our criminal defense team has the skills, experience, and dedication necessary to handle even the most complex cases. Let us be your trusted advocate and guide you through the legal process. You can have confidence in a brighter future with a skilled and experienced advocate by your side.

"I couldn't recommend more highly. Kelly made navigating my case easy. Thorough explanations were offered, and answers to questions (even ones I hadn't yet asked) were always thoughtfully explained. Rates are competitive and reasonable, and ultimately my outcome successful. Thank you!!"
-Former client

We understand that you have questions, and we are here to provide answers and support.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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