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Oregon Drug Crimes Lawyers

Perhaps no area of Oregon criminal law has received more changes or attention in the past decade than drug laws. Oregon courts and legislators have drastically changed the landscape of Oregon drug crimes and violations, which has made facing drug charges confusing and overwhelming. 

Only an attorney with years of experience in drug crimes and search and seizure law can properly advise you of all your options. If you have been arrested or issued a citation for a drug crimes, contact us immediately to discuss your options and potential defenses.

Kelly Monaghan is a former prosecutor and police legal advisor with years of experience reviewing search warrants, and training Oregon law enforcement officers and prosecutors.  Put his vast knowledge and experience in your corner if you have been charged with a crime involving the possession, delivery, or manufacture of controlled substances or marijuana.  

We understand the complexities and evolving nature of Oregon and federal drug laws and search and seizure law, which is why we stay updated on the latest legal developments and defense strategies. 

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Bend, OR

Too many attorneys lacking crucial knowledge and experience in search and seizure law fail to recognize opportunities to challenge state evidence, which can lead to a reduction or outright dismissal of charges.

Do not feel pressured into taking a plea deal without a thorough evaluation of the facts and circumstances of your case by a knowledgeable attorney who understands how to challenge unlawful searches and seizures.

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We understand that drug charges can carry a social stigma and impact your personal and professional life. Rest assured that our attorneys will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity, respecting your privacy while aggressively fighting for the best possible outcome.

If you have been arrested or issued a citation for a drug crimes, contact us immediately to discuss your options and available defenses. We can evaluate how to challenge any unlawful search and seizures that led to an arrest, which can result in the outright dismissal of your charges.

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