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Measure 11 Crimes

Ballot Measure 11 is a ballot initiative, passed by Oregon voters in 1994, that sets minimum mandatory prison sentences for certain serious felonies.  It went into effect in April of 1995 and was reaffirmed by voters in 2000.  

Measure 11 crimes include violent crimes and serious sex offenses only.  Each Measure 11 crime is assigned a specific minimum mandatory prison sentence, and those range from 70 to 300 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections.  Measure 11 crimes include:

  • Arson I

  • Assault I & II

  • Murder 

  • Manslaughter I & II

  • Rape I & II

  • Sodomy I & II

  • Kidnapping I & II

  • Sexual Abuse I

  • Child pornography 

  • Robbery I & II 

Bend, Oregon Criminal Law Attorneys 

These most serious offenses require a comprehensive and personalized approach by an attorney with years of trial experience specific to Measure 11 crimes and investigations.  Our criminal defense team has the experience and high-level understanding of cases involving Measure 11 charges necessary to secure the best results possible for our clients.  

We use defense investigations and the services of expert witnesses to produce favorable, mitigating information to reduce Measure 11 charges well before trial, therefore eliminating any possibility of facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence.  We are effective, aggressive advocates in the courtroom, which in turn helps us reach favorable resolutions at the negotiation table, offering our clients the most opportunities to secure the best outcomes while avoiding the risks and costs of litigation.  

Contact us immediately if you or a loved one have been charged with a Measure 11 crime, or if you believe there may be a Measure 11 crime investigation pending.

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