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Probation Violations and Warrants

Our experienced criminal defense team serves clients accused of violating the terms of their probation.  We can help protect your rights, and mitigate the potential consequences associated with probation violations.  If you believe you may have an active warrant, we can immediately begin the process of clearing the warrant and protecting your rights.

Probation in Oregon

Probation is commonly imposed following convictions for both misdemeanor and felony crimes.  Duration terms can range from six months to five years, and in some circumstances even longer. In Oregon, probation is typically considered “supervised” or “unsupervised.” 

Supervised probation means reporting to a probation department where you are then assigned a specific probation officer.  Supervised probation is commonly reserved for individuals convicted of felonies or more serious misdemeanors (i.e., crimes involving domestic violence).  Unsupervised probation—commonly referred to as “bench probation”—means that you are supervised by the sentencing court itself, and not a probation department or officer.

Probation almost always includes active requirements, such as treatment obligations, community work service, attending a victim’s impact panel, meeting with your probation officer, and no-contact orders. 

Bend DUI Probation Violation Attorneys

If you are accused by your probation officer or the district attorney’s office of violating any terms of your probation a warrant can issue for your arrest and you may face additional penalties such as significant jail time, extended probation terms, and other punitive measures at the discretion of the court. 

Common grounds for violating probation include:

  • Failing to complete a rehabilitation program

  • Committing a new crime

  • Driving a vehicle without a license or ignition interlock device (if required)

  • Using or possessing a controlled or illegal substance

  • Failing to make a court appearance

  • Missing appointments with a probation officer

If you are accused of violating your probation, it is critical to seek experienced counsel who can communicate with the court on your behalf, clear any potential warrants, and reinstate your probation. 

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